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I see a coach as being like a tool for the mind. Like light through a prism, they illuminate and clarify your thoughts to untangle what matters from what doesn't, in order to identify the best path forward. A good coach doesn't tell you what to do or how to do it. They reflect back to you observations and patterns to help you create alignment between what you value and who you want to become, with what you want to achieve and how you can get there. They keep you motivated, committed, and accountable for reaching your goals, no matter what they may be.


Working together cooperatively is fundamental to our success as a species. And yet, the main challenge we face in building and maintaining effective teams lies in the fact that interpersonal conflict is also an unavoidable part of the human condition - and research consistently shows that interpersonal conflict diminishes team performance. Conflict caused by differences in personality, style, and perspectives saps our energy and limits teams' potential. Our half and full-day programs are geared at promoting self-awareness and adaptability in order to cultivate healthy relationships and team dynamics.


When life is moving fast, as it probably seems to be doing for many of us, we tend to lean on what we know and do what we've always done. In the absence of new inputs, however, our outputs remain the same. If we want to continue to develop, we need to take in new ideas and information. Bite-sized segments of learning help us stay fresh, keep growing, and interested in the world around us. We develop and deliver half-day and lunch-and-learn seminars around numerous topics related to leadership, self-awareness, growth and development, and motivation and goal setting.

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