Approach and philosophy

Fundamental to our approach is the belief that the client has the answers. You are the expert on yourself, your team, your business, and your future. The answer to the problem or challenge before you is therefore also within you. Clarity leads to informed choices. Our role is to help you achieve this deeper understanding so that you can make the best decisions and reach your goals. We zealously lean toward possibilities and solutions as opposed to limitations and problems. We see ourselves as partners with you in a journey toward greater growth, success, and joy. We want nothing less than to make the world a better place, one client at a time. 

Tools and tactics

The most powerful tool in our toolbox is conversation. From the first, we strive to understand your needs, style, and goals so we can craft the experience you need. We leverage robust assessments to gather information and discern patterns. Dana is an Authorized Partner of the Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors™ products, as well as certified in the Hogan assessment instruments and the CPP suite of assessment tools. We view these not as ends in themselves, but as means of sparking insight and awareness. They serve as a springboard to deeper thinking, different perspectives, and informed action. People learn and grow when they feel relaxed and open. We strive to find the sweet spot between taking the work seriously, but not taking ourselves too seriously. Laughter and good humor are essential ingredients of the job.

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